Products that go well together, sell together - so don't forget to pair matching items from our range to give the customer a chance to choose from everything...
Kids Beach Towels & Kids Ponchos
Hair Wraps & Beach Towels
Hair Wraps & Makeup Removers
Little & large products
Hair Wraps & Home Towels
Show off our stripes in style. Our Point of Sale units will help you showcase our products in store, like a quick dry beacon of joy, encouraging customers to check them out and shop. POS units we have available to you:
Small Table Top display size: 12"W x 8" L x 18" H/33cm W x 20cm L x 45cm H. Fits around 10 towels and even more hair wraps and cooling towels!
Large POS Display stand size: 12"W x 8" L x 65" H/33cm W x 20cm L x 165cm H. Includes 3 shelves to fit around 30 towels in their pouches.
Click here to view POS units.
Hair Wraps display well on a mannequin
Have a product out for customers to feel the softness
Keep a spray bottle on hand to demonstrate absorbency
Have lipstick and water nearby to showcase the effectiveness of our Reusable Makeup Removers
Water is your best friend when it comes to selling our Cooling Towels
Display our posters from the media gallery next to our products to explain their USPs
View media gallery here.
We hope these top tips do you wonders, click here to get shopping and put these pointers into action!


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