When a mural in Waterloo, Sydney NSW, is brought to life (and to your store floor) through our ultimate quick-dry towels, we feel it is our duty to tell you a little bit more about how these incredible new towels came to pass…

With our new collection of street art towels OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING (exciting right?), we thought we would share with you a little bit about our wonderful new partner and designer of these colourful towels, Aussie wall mural artist, Michael Black.

Michael Black is someone who loves colour, art, and expressing himself. He is a creative working in Sydney who loves painting, abstract murals and public art along with studio practice (which is now a lot of commissions and canvas work).

“I became interested in street art from a young age, always seeing murals and public art as a big interest point and wondering how I could get into it myself. I was lucky enough to meet some people in Sydney, some other artists, who gave me an insight into the industry which was quite interesting for me. Then I started off doing some myself and just kind of fell into it in a way”

“A desire to create and express myself through visual mediums that I’m using, so it could be spray paint, could be charcoal, could be pastels and let myself go into a piece and see where it goes, see where it leads is something I find really interesting. I think it also has a really beautiful visual appeal when you just sort of let yourself go into a space that you haven’t been in before, or there’s a composition or a texture element that’s new, is something that I’m really pursuing in my work currently.”

“I love Jenny Saville’s work, her portraiture, a lot of her intertwining of abstract medium and sort of realism is pretty amazing and I’m really inspired by her work. A lot of other Sydney based street artists have had a lot of impact on me too, just building connections and eventually meeting them has been something that has really inspired me, especially as a younger artist.”

“With the collaboration with Dock & Bay I wanted to create three designs that brought life and brought beauty to everyone who interacted with it so these three designs are created with the intent of that expressive, emotive passion that I wanted to connect with the product”

“The pieces were firstly created in the studio, as a painting would be created, and then digitally modified to work in with the towels.”

I think when you see art not in a traditional gallery space but put onto a product or put into a space that isn’t traditionally used it can give the viewer or the person receiving that art a different experience so having it on a towel, i'm so stoked about that, and to partner with Dock & Bay is just an amazing brand, amazing people, and has been a great experience.”

If you haven’t already, go stock up on these incredible new Street Art towels that are sure to paint the world a little brighter, and make you store a lot busier! 

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